Our church has a new drive in worship service which is great especially for those people who are traveling. Check out this link to the website: www.driveinworship.com

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It’s New Year’s Eve and there are no rooms in the inn! Wish all of you who have been calling could be with us tonight. It’s a beautiful, chilly but clear night to enjoy the balcony and ring in the new year! Please call sooner next year! Hope all the guests enjoy their goodie bags and champagne compliments of Steve and Patsy!

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Most of the leaves are now on the ground but as I look out my office window I still see some pretty gold and coral colors. If you hurry you can still enjoy some fall foliage! We are always open on Thanksgiving and the following weekend. I still have some availability including the family suite and the honeymoon suite. Its a great weekend to get your Christmas spirit jump-started by visiting Rock City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights! Our rates are the same on the holidays as the rest of the year so call for a reservation!

Rode the double decker bus on the Ghost Tour this week. The ride was fun and the guide was entertaining. It was more history than ghostly but very interesting. If you get a chance to  ride it I think it’s worth adding to your agenda. If you can do it Thursdays they offer a Thursday night discount.  chattanoogadoubledecker.com.        There is also a walking ghost tour which I haven’t done.  It’s easy to confuse the two.

Because the weather has turned cooler we will be closing the pool the week of September 19, 2011. Hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone!

We visited the Chattanooga Market last Sunday. It was so interesting with so many vendors! Haven’t visited the Saturday Chattanooga River Market yet. Chattanooga has so many things to do that are free. Visit chattanoogamarket.com. Nightfall is another free event that goes on every Friday night. Riverfront Nights begins in July which is a free concert series. And then there are free movies in Coolidge Park on Saturdays in July. Chattanooga is awesome!

Wow! So many of our former guests are here again this weekend to see the finale of Riverbend – fireworks! Let’s hope the weather cooperates and we can all sit out and enjoy the huge display.

Sunday, June 19th update – The fireworks were beautiful!